A Dream of Her

when someone unexpectedly comes into your life and they want to create magic with you, then you accept the simple invitation and create magic.

 it is not often enough that we allow ourselves the time we need (and want) to unplug from the world, dream, and create. everyday monotony continues to build itself and suffocate us until we finally decide to break away. its when we break away that we are able to free our thoughts, releasing them and allowing ourselves to create and think clearly. these ideas you have in your head are no longer ideas. they are real.

the most important thing you can do for yourself is allow yourself the time and space for healthy, positive energy. this goes along with my vision about creating your own world where you become more selective about who and what you bring into it.  sometimes the universe forces you to start over again and re-evlauate the world you have decided to create for yourself. with each evaluation and reflection, your surroundings become positively stronger and healthier. your energy becomes noticeable and addictive. its a beautiful thing.

the images below were created when i had an awakening about the aforementioned statements. i no longer wanted all these ideas in my head. i wanted to release them, let them free. create and do. continue moving. contribute. inspire. belong.  the execution of these ideas came to fruition alongside the most cherished soul i know, the one that has made the world i created for myself more beautiful. 

"i begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else." - picasso